This project has been made possible owing to the support of a number of partners and collaborators, therefore we would like to thank the following people and organisations:


Heritage Lottery Fund

We are most grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for their financial support, without which the plan to make the John Bright Collection available to the general public and carry out a series of public events, would have not been possible.

British Film Institute

It has been a pleasure to work alongside professionals from the British Film Institute who have helped us bring this unique project and Cosprop’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ work to the public domain. Special thanks to Paul Gerhardt, Gemma Starkey, Nathalie Morris, Claire Smith, David Edgar, Laura Adams, Jo Botting and Ian Haydn Smith.

Into Film

Through this project we have discovered the extremely valuable work that this children’s charity develops, and we want to thank Moira McVean, Kirsten Geekie and Lucinda Barber for giving members of Cosprop staff the opportunity to be part of this educational initiative.



We are extremely grateful to the Victoria and Albert Museum, in particular to Keith Lodwick and Matilda Pye, for helping us organise the final public event of the project, ‘Adaptations and Recreations’, celebrating 50 years of Cosprop and John Bright’s work.


We were very lucky to receive a group of graduate volunteers from the Costume Interpretation Course, recommended by their Pathway Leader Elizabeth Dawson, and benefit from their thorough training and enthusiasm.

‘The John Bright Collection’ team

Adam Knapp, Amy Smith, Anise Perryman, Anna Boonstra, Barbara Kloos, Caitlin Albery Beavan, Charlotte Cameron, Charlotte Holdich, Chris Garlick, Eleanor Simcoe, Elizabeth Owen, Gesa Werner, Hannah Letley, Isabella Carreras, John Bright, Jonathan Stokes, Julia Buckmiller, Katie Males, Kirsty Young, Kitty Bennett, Lucy Woodbridge, Marie Due Jorgensen, Max Yeomans, Nina Barnes, Rebecca Clark, Rosa Fernandez-Day, Ruby Valentine, Saffron Cook, Steve Moggan, Susannah Buxton and Viviane Chen.

Cosprop staff

Alison Roberts, Amy Cartwright, Amy Towle, Caroline Green, Cheryl Catwell, Dan Ashworth, Donna Simmons, Emma Burke, Hannah Monkley, Isobel Stewart, Jane O’Donnell, Judith Bright, Marie-Thaïs Demontrond, Nancy Knapp, Simon Lewis and Siobhan O’Dwyer.

Special thanks to:

Jenny Beavan, Beatrice Behlen, John Bloomfield, Anna Buruma, Alexandra Byrne, Caroline McCall, Dinah Collin, Ian Christie, Edwina Ehrman, Sarah Gilligan, Sue Harper, Jenny Lister, Lesley Miller, Susan North, Martin Oldham, Martin Pel, Michael Pick, Proportion London, Sally Tuckett, Sally Turner, Joan Wadge, and The Costume Society.